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loved the article, so so resonated with me. Not just finances but i think, surrender is the ultimate blanket of security in all areas of life. I think , sometimes we just try too hard, it may be easier to just surrender and let the universe take over... it is infinitely more knowledgable and efficient than us. That doesnt mean that we don't act, but we act with FAITH and not FEAR



Photo by yukari harada on Unsplash

My life is like the journey of a bird,

Sometimes I fly high,

At times, I gently glide.

There are times; I fall in love with the moment,

and perch myself on the tree and bask in its warmth.

At times, I stumble and fall bruised from all the pressure,

and park myself on the tree and seek refuge in its shelter.


I rise above the attachment,

I rise above the fear,

To fly again…

To fly the same path with a healed spirit,

To fly a new path with an enthusiastic spirit.

But fly I must,

To feed my soul.



Payal Koul

Payal Koul

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